SPCIs Ekmandagar 2016 - nu kan du registrera dig!

SPCI arrangerar Ekmandagarna 26-27 januari.
Tema för årets konferens är Vägval för värdeskapande.



Tema: Vägval för värdeskapande

Lokal: IVA Konferenscenter, Grev Turegatan 16, Stockholm

Middag: Den 26 januari kl.19:00 på Operaterassen


Inledningstalare: Peter Williamson, Professor of International Management University of Cambridge, UK

Professor Peter Williamson talks about shares why he thinks China will continue to be an economic power for the foreseeable future, and what opportunities China offers for both domestic and foreign investors. Williamson explains how China continues to change. He sees the technological gap between China and the West continuing to close at an increasingly quickening pace, helped along by China’s ability to learn from past mistakes and acquire Western companies that augment the strengths of its own industries rather than trying to buy huge Western brands and resources. Increased public participation and a new leadership prepared to listen to the voice of the people are among changes forecast for China.





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