Presentationer från SPCI Convention 2013

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Presentationerna kommer att läggas till allteftersom. The presentations will be published as they get submitted.


Johan Söderström, ABB: Competitiveness, customers and people

Jan Johansson, SCA: SCA on a Journey of Change

Jan Åström, Munksjö: A new global leader in speciality paper

Carl Håkansson, Pressmann: Old Machines – New Grades

Andrea Rossi, Sappi, Andrew Hall, Amec, Kristina Idner, ÅF: Ngodwana Mill Update - Investing in the future

Per Lindberg, BillerudKorsnäs: The Story of Smarter Packaging

Anna Svedberg, Domsjö Fabriker: The unique Biorefinery

Mattias Redeborn, BillerudKorsnäs: Recovery 2012 – An investment to get a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly Skärblacka Mill

Erkki Hellén, VTT: Breakthrough in Papermaking Resource Efficiency with Foam Forming

Stig Renvall, Metso: Utilizing OptiCoat Layer curtain coater in production of recycled grades

Lars Nilsson, Karlstad University : Vacuum dewatering of paper

Markus Norström, SP och Sören Eriksson, Preem: Upscaling of New Processes - Challenges and Opportunities

Andreas Martinsson, Södra Cell Värö: Lime kiln & Pellets – Ongoing projects at Södra Cell Värö

Ulf Bergström, Metso Power: LignoBoost - From acquisition to full scale production

Jesper Hassel, Mevia: Mevia: From idea to reality

Camilla Mattson, Fiskeby: Fibre fractionation

Jan Malmström: Z-massan – varför blev det som det blev?

Tommy Sjöberg, Rottneros Vallvik: Reduction of COD – Vallviks Bruk’s solution

Christer Sandberg, Holmen Braviken: Transformation in Braviken

Mikael Ankerfors, Tom Lindström och Daniel Söderberg, Innventia: Developments for boosting the implementation of microfibrillated cellulose in papermaking

Per Tomani, Innventia: Update on LignoBoost lignin and Applications

Geoffrey Daniel och Dinesh Fernando, SLU, Uppsala: Ultrastructure of low energy high yield pulps – connection to process and products

Jens Gunnars, Inspecta och Ola Jonsson, Holmen Iggesund: Maintenance and inspection adapted to equipment criticality – essential for competitiveness

Arto Välikangas, Metso: Paper-to-packaging conversion rebuilds

Janice Törmälä, Anita Markusson, ÅF: Comparison of Alternatives for Green Liquor Handling

Post-graduate Session

Asaf Oko, SP Technical Resarch Institue of Sweden: Inkjet Printing - We Need Really Small Droplets to Understand the Big Picture

Carl Bruce, KTH: Cellulose reinforced composites - A compatibility challenge

Kerstin Jedvert, Chalmers: New possibilities for Scandinavian forest resources?

Yujia Zhang, KTH: Glucomannan from spruce; Preparation, purification, characterization and derivatization

Carina Olsson, Avancell, Chalmers: Ionic liquids for cellulose processing

Karl Håkansson, KTH: Renewable energy vs. Renewable materials

Dongfang Li, KTH: WOBAMA - Wood Based Materials and Fuels

Cyrus Djahedi, KTH: Theoretical investigations of nanocellulose mechanical properties

Nicholas Tchang Cervin, KTH: Porous cellulose materials


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