FPIRC Course No. 24: Regenerated Cellulose and Cellulose Derivatives

5 sep 2012

In co-operation with: Karlstad University (KaU), Karlstad


Course description/Content:

The course will give the students a broad overview of the global dissolving pulp capacities and how that has been changing with time. The students will get a deep insight into the characteristics of such pulps. The cellulose structure will be discussed in detail and the students will have a good knowledge of this after the course. Process techniques for producing cellulose derivatives with focus on CMC will then follow. Process technology for viscose processes and how an enzymatic pre-treatment can improve the environmental impact will be presented. Technology for production of microcrystalline cellulose and nanocellulose will be discussed and described. The course includes lectures, a mill visit and a written examination.


  • Fundamentals of cellulose structures
  • Fundamental for cellulose ethers
  • Pulping processes for dissolving pulps
  • Requirements for raw material
  • CMC-chemistry, process and market
  • Viscose-chemistry, process and market
  • Other cellulose derivatives like EHEC etc
  • Future for cellulose ethers
  • Visit to a viscose manufacturer

Learning objectives: After the course, the participants should be able to ...

... discuss important cellulose ether and viscose technology aspects in an correct terminology,

... relate the results of measured parameters to different product quality aspects,

... describe the most important processes for manufacturing of regenerated cellulose and cellulose derivatives, and

.... demonstrate a deep understanding of the pros and cons of regenerated cellulose and cellulose ethers compared with other materials.

Pre-requisites: It is desirable that the participant has a good knowledge in cellulose technology, cellulose chemistry and basic chemistry equivalent to a Master level for engineering programs

Contributors: Prof. Ulf Germgård, KaU et al (to be announced later)

Literature/Course material: Reprints from journals and dissertations, handouts etc

Contact person/Course co-ordinator: Prof. Ulf Germgård, Karlstad University, phone +46 (0)54-700 17 80, fax +46 (0)54-700 20 40, e-mail: ulf.germgard@kau.se

Type: 20 h lectures

ECTS: 4.5

Examination: Assignments and a written examination

Place: Karlstad University, Karlstad, Sweden


Registration and course fee: Registration no later than Oct 17, 2012

The course is free of charge for PhD-students from Sweden; other PhD-students are entitled to a reduced course fee. Industrial participants are welcome to take the course as commissioned education; the course fee is then SEK 14.900:- (not incl VAT).


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