FPIRC Course no 25: Crash Course in Pulp&Paper Technology (for non-specialists) LAST DAY OF REGISTRATION

4 apr 2018

The Forest Products Industry Research College – FPIRC – is the co-ordinator in Sweden for education and continuing education within the Pulp & Paper area, with a focus on scientific developments. The intention is to indicate where the cutting-edge of research lies in chosen sections of the pulp and paper value added chain.


Course description/Content: The products of the paper and pulp industry. Pulp manufacturing. Papermaking (forming, pressing, drying, post-drying operations, coating). The use of chemicals in papermaking. End-use and converting properties. Nanocellulose. Fundamental business aspects for the pulp and paper industry.


Learning objectives: After the course you should be able to ...

  • Define different types of products made from paper and board
  • Describe the different unit operations in manufacturing of products made from wood fibres prepared for papermaking and apply this for design of new such products
  • Describe the pulp manufacturing processes and methods for evaluation of pulp properties
  • Define and evaluate pulps with respect to the properties of the end product
  • Describe physical limitations that governs the production capacity
  • Define the basic mechanism behind the interaction between paper chemicals and fibres
  • Describe how certain chemicals function as process improving chemicals and/or product quality enhancing chemicals
  • Describe the most commonly used additives in papermaking
  • Describe the relations between products, end-use and converting properties, and the most important physical and appearance properties of paper and board
  • Describe the fundamentals of nanocellulose


Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of university mathematics, physics and chemistry.


Registration: Registration no later than April 4, 2018


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