FPIRC Course no 2: Unit Processes in Pulping

4 apr 2018

The Forest Products Industry Research College – FPIRC – is the co-ordinator in Sweden for education and continuing education within the Pulp & Paper area, with a focus on scientific developments. The intention is to indicate where the cutting-edge of research lies in chosen sections of the pulp and paper value added chain.

Course description/Content:

  • Wood, fibre, and pulp characterisation
  • Chemical and mechanical fibre separation. Refining
  • Screening/fractionation theory and technology
  • Peroxide and dithionite bleaching chemistry. Brightness reversion
  • Bleaching of chemical pulp
  • Control and simulation in pulping
  • Water- and energy balances. Environmental aspects.
  • Use of mechanical and chemical pulps in different products


Learning objectives: The student will after the course have a fundamental understanding of the mechanisms in chemical and mechanical pulping and how pulp qualities for different end use is related to wood properties and pulping conditions, and a basic understanding of control strategies in pulping and of environmental issues.


Registration: Registration no later than April 15, 2018

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