FPIRC’s international Summer Conference (Summer Academy) 2017 - Time to apply NOW

13 jan 2017

FPIRC’s international Summer Conference (Summer Academy) 2017

The EDS – European Doctoral Students – “summer” conference 2017 on cellulose materials, will this year be held in Austria in October 23rd to 25th, 2017 (id est two nights in double rooms).

The event is open to all PhD students involved with Pulp&Paper related research in Sweden, and an excellent opportunity to meet with other PhD students from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, France, Austria, and the Netherlands.

The conference 2017 will take place at Retzhof Castle, a seminar location run by the government of Styria, located in the village Leitring/Wagna, which is 35 km south of Graz, Austria, and with Graz University of Technology as host.

The conference fee – SEK 1,500:- – covers the whole conference, except the individual travel to and from Arlanda, Stockholm.

There is a different agenda every year – the scientific program will be organized by Prof. Ulrich Hirn, and will be available through FPIRC in March 2017 – but beside this, all participating graduate students are expected to give a presentation of their own work –instructions for the conference proceeding will be available later through the FPIRC web.

Time to apply NOW; before Feb 20:th; the number of PhD students from Sweden is limited to 20.

Application form is available at www.fpirc.kth.se – see Summer Conference at the Calendar page.




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