FPIRC Course no 22: Tissue Products and Technology

13 jan 2017

Course description/Content:

The course will give an overview of the tissue industry including, among other things the following: 

Overview of tissue products, marketing structure, product development, smoothness, absorption, converting, unit processes (creping, Yankee drying and press, grinding, drying theory and economy), clothing (forming wires, press felts), wet end chemistry, raw material for tissue (virgin fibres, recycled fibres, softeners and lotions), the raw material and the process effect on product quality and performance, test methods for tissue, hygiene aspects on tissue and product safety and environment certification.

The course is aimed at university and industry researchers and personnel who are interested in tissue (post-graduate course, also open for undergraduate students).


Learning objectives: After completion of the course, the participants should ...

... have a good understanding of the links between raw materials, manufacturing processes such as tissue machines and converting equipment and tissue properties so that he/she will be able to anticipate routes leading to product improvements and development, either from a position within the tissue industry or in a supplying company,

... be able to have a clear view of all aspects of tissue products including not only the physics and chemistry of the raw materials, processes and products, but also hygienic and social issues, marketing and consumer perception,

... be able to relate the fiber structure and the physical properties of the involved materials, as well as the manufacturing processes, to the requirements placed on the products by the consumers, and

... solve technical questions on preocess versus product performance in tissue making and tissue grades using web based and analytical tools.

Pre-requisites: As doctoral student participant: Enlisted as doctoral student. Other participants (if ETCS credits are to be given upon passing exam): BSc exam (or equivalent) in science or engineering field

Contributors: To be decided.

Literature/Course material: “Tissue Products and Technology” (handed out at course start and complementary materials at lectures).

Contact person/Course co-ordinator
Dir. Anders Österberg (The Packaging Greenhouse) anders.osterberg@thepackaginggreenhouse.com

Prof. Magnus Lestelius (Karlstad University) magnus.lestelius@kau.se

Type: FPIRC Focus. The course is an intensive one week lecture course with a web tool based exercises and a pilot plant visit. The lectures are from universities and industries from around the world.

ECTS: 4.5

Examination: Home exam

Place: The course will be held at Karlstad University, Karlstad, Sweden.

Registration and course fee: Registration no later than Feb 28, 2017

The course is free of charge for PhD-students listed at Swedish universities; other PhD-students are entitled to a reduced course fee. Industrial participants are welcome to take the course as commissioned education; the course fee is then SEK 24.300:- (not incl VAT).

Participation on single days is also possible, if you address that formaly to the FPIRC office. In that case, a fee of SEK 8.000:- will be charged.




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