FPIRC Course no 15: Paper-Water Interactions

13 sep 2016

Year: 2016

Period: 2

Comment: Nov 14-17 (w 46)

Discipline: Chemistry





Course description/Content:

  • Moisture sorption and swelling
  • Water sorption and paper structure
  • Influence of temperature and water on mechanical properties
  • Interactions of fibres and water - product demands
  • Influence of moisture on mechanosorptive creep

Learning objectives: The student will after the course have a fundamental understanding of the ...
... mechanisms controlling moisture sorption and water-induced swelling of fibres, 
... influence of moisture sorption on the mechanical properties of fibres and papers,
... mechanosorptive behaviour of paper and paper products,
... factors controlling liquid imbibition into fibrous networks, and
... limitations of fibrous products due to the interaction between water and fibres.


Contributors - TENTATIVE: Dr Tomas Larsson, Dr Per Hansson, Prof. Lars Wågberg, Dr Per Larsson, Dr Magnus Gimåker, Dr Petri Mäkelä, Prof. Sören Östlund, Dr Charlotta Hansson, Dr Göran Ström, Prof. Istvan Furo, Dr Lennart Salmén

Literature/Course material: Scientific articles and reviews

Contact person/Course co-ordinator: Prof. Lars Wågberg, KTH-FPT, phone +46 (0)8-790 82 94, e-mail: wagberg@kth.se


ECTS: 4.5

Examination: Written examination

Place: KTH, Stockholm

Registration and course fee: Registration no later than Oct 27, 2016

The course is free of charge for PhD-students listed at Swedish universities; other PhD-students are entitled to a reduced course fee. Industrial participants are welcome to take the course as commissioned education; the course fee is then SEK 23.900:- (not incl VAT).

Participation on single days is also possible, if you address that formaly to the FPIRC office. In that case, a fee of SEK 8.000:- will be charged.


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