Use social media as a marketing tool - start a group in the new community for the global forestry industry

3 mar 2011

Welcome to SPCI Global Pulp & Paper Community!

Now you can start your own Group in the community.

What is a Group?

A group is a company/organisation page administrated by the same company/organisation. A group works like a miniature website with members and contains tools for:

  • Publishing company news
  • Emailing & publishing public messages
  • Creating threads
  • Photo, file & link uploading

A group can be open or closed. An open group is public and free for everyone to join. To a closed group you have to apply for membership.

Check it out for yourself - become a member of SPCI Global Pulp & Paper Community today (it's free) and you will be able to view some of the groups of the companies/organizations that have already joined our community!

To community

If you are interested in starting a group, please contact


Camilla Sinivaara, +46 8 783 82 54,


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