FPIRC Course No. 17: Product Oriented Wood Supply and Fibre Processing

3 mar 2011

Course description/Content:

  • Introduction on forest and industry, products and development
  • Major forest resources worldwide, changing patterns of products, markets and technology
  • Formation of wood, how fibres get their properties
  • Major types of paper produced, critical properties and fibre properties of importance
  • Differences in fibre properties between and within tree species and trees of major forest resources
  • Methods for measurement of fibre properties in wood and pulp
  • Modelling and simulation of fibre properties in trees and stands, logs and chips
  • The supply chain: Forestry, harvesting, logistics, accounting
  • Possibilities to improve allocation of wood and fibres to mills and products for more uniform and suitable fibres. Limitations due to cost, logistics, etc.
  • Possibilities to improve the suitability of fibres at the mill through wood classification and wood yard operations
  • Processes from chips to pulp. Processes from pulp to paper
  • Effects of raw materials and fibre processing on pulp and paper products
  • Measurements and control
  • Discussion on possibilities to optimize

Learning objectives:

  • Improved understanding of possibilities to  produce pulp and paper products with target properties (or better) and reduce costs through a more product oriented use and processing of wood and fibres, aiming for more uniform and suitable fibres and well adapted processing in the mill, from the forest to the product
  • Improved knowledge about how this can be achieved and about limitations due to costs, logistics, etc.

Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge on pulp and paper production, corresponding to the content of basic university courses

Contributors: Experts from Innventia, universities and industry (see the schedule)

Literature/Course material: Documented presentations at the course. Reports and articles to be specified.

Contact person/Course co-ordinator: Tech. Lic. Sven-Olof Lundqvist, Innventia svenolof.lundqvist@innventia.com +46 (0)8 676 7000

Type: Lectures

ECTS: 4.5

Examination: Written "take-home-exam"

Place: Innventia (former STFI-Packforsk), Drottning Kristinas Väg 61, 114 86 Stockholm, Sweden

N.B: About the "Extra information" field, in the registration form - see Registration and course fee, below.

Registration and course fee: Registration no later than March 18, 2011.

The course is free of charge for PhD-students from Sweden; other PhD-students are entitled to a reduced course fee. Industrial participants are welcome to take the course as commissioned education; the course fee is then SEK 9.500:- (not incl VAT).

Participation on single days is also possible. In that case, a fee of SEK 4.000:- will be charged.

Please write in the "Extra information" field, in the registration form, whether or not you want to participate also in the dinner buffet! The dinner buffet is included in the course fee.

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