FPIRC Course No. 1: Mechanical Pulping -Bleaching Technology

3 mar 2011

Course description/Content: The course will give the students a deeper knowledge regarding bleaching chemistry processes for mechanical- and chemimechanical pulps

Learning objectives: The following parts will be discussed

  1. Wood and fibre morphology
  2. Wood chemistry
  3. Brightness development in mechanical pulp processes
  4. Optical properties
  5. Reductive bleaching
  6. Oxidative bleaching
  7. Bleaching of de-inked pulp
  8. Changes in the mechanical properties of pulp during bleaching
  9. Design of bleaching processes
  10. Dissolved substances
  11. Brightness stability

Pre-requisites: Pre-requisites are that the student either is accepted to PhD studies in chemical technology and has passed the course in pulping technology on master’s level or in another way have accumulated corresponding knowledge

Contributors: Dr Peter Brauer Andritz, Prof. Per Engstrand MIUN, M.Sc. Rita Ferritsius Pöyry, Prof. Yonghao Ni UNB, Prof. Magnus Norgren MIUN, Adj. Prof. Magnus Paulsson Eka Chemicals/MIUN, M.Sc. Mats Persson Metso Paper, Dr Mats Rundlöf Capisco, and Prof. Anna Sundberg Åbo Akademi

Literature/Course material: Parts of “Papermaking Science and Technology, Mechanical Pulping”, Bruno Lönnberg, ISBN 978-952-5216-35-6 (Book 5)

Parts of “The Ljunberg Textbook”, Fibre and Polymer Technology, KTH

Delivered material at the lectures

Contact person/Course co-ordinator: Dr Jan-Erik Berg MIUN, phone +46 (0)60-14 84 15, mobile +46 (0)70-333 84 15, e-mail: jan-erik.berg@miun.se

Type: Lectures

ECTS: 5+3

Examination: Written examination (5) + project work (3)

Place:Mid Sweden University, Campus Åkroken (Lecture hall: M103), Sundsvall, Sweden

Registration and course fee: Registration no later than April 18, 2011

The course is free of charge for PhD-students from Sweden; other PhD-students are entitled to a reduced course fee. Industrial participants are welcome to take the course as commissioned education; the course fee is then SEK 12.500:- (not incl VAT).

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