FPIRC Kurs nr 30 – Research: Numerical Methods for Materials Research

22 jun 2015

21–25 september 2015, MIUN. Kursledare: Prof. Tetsu Uesaka

Today, numerical methods are changing the world (!) or at least changing how we perform research. Computational physics, computational chemistry, computational biology, computational mechanics, computational microscopy, computational materials science, etc. are such examples of the emerging field. The motivation comes from our everyday research experiences. For example, we knew analytical theories are perfect in text books. However, once getting into real problems, we immediately realize that things are not ideal: The geometry is too complex, or the constants are not constant (i.e. depends on time and space). There is another situation where the experiment is impossible or too expensive to do: The phenomenon involves too many interacting variables which are difficult to control. Numerical methods are a crucial tool to bring the theory and experiment together to answer research question.

This course is intended to introduce basic concepts of state-of-the-art numerical methods that have been actually applied to problems in the forest products research. The aim is to provide motivation and plenty of background materials to those PhD students who wish to start self-studies. The lecturers are all active researchers currently working at the front lines of the field,  at the same time, they have experiences of tackling material modeling problems related to forest products. We welcome the students from broad disciplines.


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