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3 mar 2011

SPCI 2011 May 17-19, Stockholm, Sweden

The essence of the concept is simple but important – making it easier for people to meet. Gone are the separate exhibition halls and distant conference locations as well as conference fees. Instead we have, after listening to both exhibitors and visitors, chosen to focus on
the following key words:

  • Time Efficiency
  • Closeness to Customers
  • Power to Influence

The heart of the event will be the three squares in Hall A. The squares will hold all major conference activities and entertainment during the three day-long event. The Magic Future Square in the middle features all the key note speakers, while the two smaller squares, East and West, will have more of a technical orientation, with shorter presentations running non-stop throughout the day.

Want to become a Magic Future Event Partner with the possibility to influence what goes on at the squares? Exhibitors surrounding the Magic Future square will have direct access to the event’s biggest meeting area which guarantees unique visibility and closeness to customers and activities. You will also be a part of the conference committee as well as the project group responsible for square design. Visibility in the overall marketing of the event is included. Slot-time is reserved for you at the Magic Future Square and at either or both of the smaller squares.

Exhibitors located elsewhere in the Hall have the possibility of becoming Magic Future Event Partners if they book a Magic Future Event Package. As Event Partner East/West you will have one of the smaller squares next to your exhibiting space. Slot-time is reserved for you at either or both squares.

We would like to invite all companies to take a more active role in maintaining the event SPCI the best meeting point in the global pulp & paper industry!

For further information, please visit www.spcievent.com

Contact Information

The Event - Conference Program

The Swedish Association of Pulp and Paper Engineers (SPCI)
Box 5515, SE-114 85 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 8 783 84 00, Fax: +46 8 661 73 44

• Mrs Marina Asp, Executive Director
Phone +46 8 783 84 86
• Ms Camilla Sinivaara, Event Manager
Phone +46 8 783 82 54

The Event - Exhibition stand bookings

Adforum AB
SE-125 80 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 8 749 97 31, Fax. +46 8 749 35 05

• Mr Patrik Löwstedt, Exhibition Manager
Phone: +46 8 749 43 61
• Mrs Kristin McKechnie, Exhibition Marketing Coordinator
Phone: + 46 8 749 97 33
Adforum Helsinki office, Finland
• Mr Marcus Bergström, Sales
Phone: +358 9 150 9401

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