FPIRC i samarbete med Industrial Economics and Management på KTH: Managing the Innovation Process (5 ECTS) vecka 15 (7-11 april), 2014 på KTH

20 feb 2014

Kursen är endast tillgänglig för ett begränsat urval av aktiva, inskrivna doktorander: Registrering och frågor om kurskostnad sker direkt till kursledaren Prof. Bruce Lyne, via lyne@kth.se

The course covers IPR-analysis, Market analysis, Creating a business-model, Prioritizing R & D to Fulfill the Business Model, Selling R & D Projects to Senior Management, Business Leaders or Venture Capitalists, Managing R & D Projects and Stakeholder Buy-in.

After the course students have insights in the practical knowledge/skills on how to conduct the innovation process according to current best practices related to their own research.

The students are expected to have considered their own technical PhD-assignment from a market potential point of view.

The course will be given if there are at least 15 participants, but not more than 40.


FPIRC, with passion for knowledge

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