World Premiere of Bright Market Insight

18 mar 2013

Today is the premiere of the first issue of Bright Market Insight, an exclusive and qualitative quarterly market report for the global pulp and biorefinery industry with an unique long-term forecast of the pulp prices.

Bright Market Insight contains interviews, news and analyses from the international markets in Europe, North America, Latin America, Oceania, China and the rest of Asia. It is published four times a year with an exclusive and up-to-date report on news and trends in the international biorefinery and pulp market as well as a unique long-term forecast (Bright Market Index) of pulp prices (NBSK) 30 months into the future.


The Index is a unique proprietary developed forecast model for (NBSK) pulp based on ar- tificial neural networks (ANN). The model distinguishes itself by including a large amount of fundamental data and taking into account the frequencies of market fluctuations. This makes it unique in the commodity market.

Bright Market Index forecasts indicate the correct price directions more than 80% of the time for all time horizons longer than 6 months. The model is also able to identify whether the price will increase or decrease in nearly 80–85 percent of cases where long- range forecasts are made. In a 24-month range, the forecast is very close to the actual price trend. The model predicted two years ahead the deep dip in 2009 and 2011 as well as the increase during the autumn 2012.


The Bright Market Insight is produced in close collaboration with academia and the forest products industry. The editorial staff are very professional and experienced business journalists around the world. They each cover the following areas:

– The international biorefinery market with analyses, inteviews and news about new capacities and shut-down capacities as well as trend reports.

– Downturn in the biorefinery and pulp markets in Europe, Latin America, North America, and China and Asia.

– Reports on prices, inventories, supply and demand with market analyses. – R&D&I – the latest research news from leading international research centers.

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